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How The Delts Helped In Improving The Community

Being a part of a fraternity or sorority can provide possibilities for leadership, lifetime connections, academic support, and community service. These chapters also give their charitable giving and volunteer activity a high priority.

Community involvement and making an impact are prioritized by sororities and fraternities. Most chapters hold ongoing events to either generate money or increase awareness for the causes they support. The problem or group frequently mirrors the principles that the chapter upholds.

Delta Tau Alpha, a fraternity at Alabama, chose to improve the community concrete structures.


We built a walkway or garden path in our public parks.

Concrete Sidewalk

We repaired the concrete sidewalk to provide safety and mobility to pedestrians.

Concrete Steps

We remodeled concrete steps to improve the overall community looks.

Pool Deck

Repaired the pool deck in the community pool to provide safety for those using the pool.

Due to the leadership possibilities, philanthropy, and relationships they can make with other Delts, members of fraternities and sororities find value in their involvement.

Fraternities and sororities are wonderful places to get involved if you want to give back or meet new people. These organizations allow you to:

Make friends and join a community.

Take advantage of charitable and volunteer opportunities.

Make use of networking possibilities

Gain leadership experience

Make friends for life

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