Why We Love Helping The State of Alabama

It’s hardly surprising that Alabama is such a terrific state given the abundance of things to see and do there. Here are a few of the many explanations for why Alabama is so adored.

1. There are so many magnificent mountains in Alabama.

2. In Alabama, there is usually some kind of festival or fair going on.

3. There are many different foods available to us.

4. Beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

5. Great southern hospitality is practiced here.

6. Alabama offers affordable housing. No wonder there are so many retirees in this area.

7. All areas of Alabama are within striking distance of Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

8. College football is a huge deal here.

9. Here, we have all four seasons.

10. Alabama has a very rich history.

Another thing we love in Alabama is the fraternity and sorority community. Alabama has the largest Fratenity community in the United States. Fraternity and Sorority provides so much for the community and here are some of the benifit in joining one:

Discover New Skills

You will have the chance to participate in leadership roles or assist plan events as a member of a fraternity or sorority, giving you the chance to develop new talents that you might not have acquired while concentrating on your studies alone.

Build Your Resume

Additionally, belonging to a fraternity or sorority might improve your resume. First, joining a particular fraternity or sorority may be particularly appealing to companies who have ties to that chapter, increasing your likelihood of landing a job.

Establish Connections

While joining a fraternity or sorority, the majority of people immediately consider the connections they might establish with classmates on school. However, it is also advantageous to consider the connections you might build with alumni and potential members of your chapter.

Balance your social and academic life.

The opportunity to combine the social and the academic can also be found in sororities and fraternities. Many sororities and fraternities offer rewards to students who achieve excellent GPAs. These rewards can take the form of house points, which can be accumulated to allow students to live in a sorority or fraternity house.

Volunteer in the Community

As you may already be aware, volunteering plays a big role in Greek society. Throughout the year, sororities and fraternities choose a charitable cause to focus their time and efforts on.

We at Delta Tau Alpha loves the abundance of Fraternities in Alabama and volunteering in the community is one of the favortive things to do of our members. Our partnership with some concrete companies have been very helpful in helping the community. This partnership is specially helpful in our community concrete repair projects.

Here are some of the many things our concrete work has done:

Concrete Sidewalks

There may be a need for many towns to review their road planning standards. The criteria can be centered on enhancing pedestrian safety, boosting the appeal of walking rather to taking a car to get to and from a location, and enhancing walking conditions for individuals (including greater accessibility to sidewalk facilities for pedestrians with disabilities).


Pavements that are skid-resistant are crucial for preventing traffic accidents. An essential component of highway safety, particularly when the road is wet, is the skid resistance of the pavement material. Accident rates on wet surfaces are used as a measure of inadequate friction. Insufficient skid resistance and uneven surface can cause drivers to lose control of their cars.

Concrete pavement surface texturing makes it possible to lower the number of accidents where skidding is a contributing factor.

Parking Lots

In parking lots, there is a lot going on: cars backing out, people walking, shopping carts taking up parking spaces, and drivers driving around looking for parking. These parking lots are accident hotspots waiting to happen. Parking lot collisions can cause serious injuries like whiplash, sprains, and concussions despite being frequently dismissed as the consequence of a minor fender bender.

The goal of parking lot design is to maximize the overall number of parking spots while maintaining safe pedestrian and driver traffic.

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