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Delta Tau Alpha Collaborates With Neighborhood Contractors

Delta Tau Alpha is partnering with residential concrete installation companies from the community and had raised funds to support the community in its concrete sidewalk restorations.

It started by determining why is sidewalk repair important to the community.

The appearance of your community can be significantly impacted by concrete sidewalk cracks. Your neighborhood’s curb appeal will suffer if the sidewalks are uneven and cracked. In extreme circumstances, you can even be held accountable for injuries that happen as a result of its instability. But regrettably, cracks will develop over time, just like they do with all concrete.

To delay the rate of cracking and other natural problems, sidewalks are erected in portions, although this technique can only stop cracks for a limited amount of time. It’s crucial to patch these cracks right once in order to prevent the eyesore from growing and maybe harming pedestrians. By doing this, you may increase the lifespan of your concrete and keep up its attractiveness and safety. Why not the concrete because you maintain the surroundings of your business? When attempting to increase client attraction, curb appeal is a crucial factor to take into account. Unconsciously, something as unassuming as a clean sidewalk can significantly improve your view of a business, whether you are aware of it or not.

The Delts with the concrete contractors also left some useful tips on sidewalk maintenance.

1. Maintain a clean concrete sidewalk

Keeping your sidewalk clean is one of the best ways to maintain it. A leaf blower can be used to clear away debris, and a water hose can be used to wipe up any spills, among other methods, to clean a sidewalk. Regular sidewalk cleaning is a great way to be proactive and save money on expensive repairs.

2. Resurface the Walkway Occasionally

Re-sealing your sidewalk every few years is another technique to keep it looking fantastic. Your sidewalk’s lifespan will be increased by resealing it, which will help shield it from the elements. To make sure the service is done correctly, getting in touch with a nearby company that does parking lot maintenance is a wonderful alternative.

3. Repair Small or Large Cracks

Over time, your sidewalk may develop minor spider cracks. However, you can readily plug the fractures with concrete caulking to stop additional harm. A concrete patch kit can also be used to effectively patch up wider sidewalk fractures.

4. Use a Pressure Washer

A fantastic approach to keep your sidewalk clean and maintained is to pressure wash it once a year. Cleaning your sidewalk will be simple if you use a psi of 3,000 or more, which will also greatly enhance its beauty.

5) Remove Stains

Stains are a constant source of ugliness that detract from the curb appeal of your sidewalk.

Maintaining the upkeep and aesthetic appeal of your walkway requires removing these stains as soon as you can.

A spill can be cleaned up with a variety of products, and stains can be removed with dish soap and water.

Overall, the partnership was very productive and successful.

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